We have an Acoustic Trio!

Posted 3rd February, 2020

We have expanded our set up to include an acoustic trio. Our third musician can accompany our wonderful duo to add some percussion to your favourite songs.



How is it different from the duo?

Adding a third musician into the band is a fantastic way to inject some rhythm and energy into the duo. It can allow Octavas to venture into even more upbeat territory allowing the band to become more of a focal point of entertainment for your event. In our lovely video here we have a percussionist playing a Cajon as well as some additional percussion bits such as shaker and a tambourine. 

Are there any other instruments you can add?

Yes, absolutley! Typically, when adding to an acoustic duo, a cajon, saxophone, bass player, keyboard player are all excellent and valid instruments that we can add to our duo. If you are interested in having any other instruments added to the duo, that is definitely something we can do for you. Whatever it is you decide to have, we can still provide live acoustic music for weddings, ceremonies, parties, corporate events and anything else you have in mind.

Which should I have for my event - the duo or the trio?

If you're set on having a more party-like atmosphere, the trio might be a good option for you. The acoustic duo usually caters for events for 100-200 people and for a lot of events we are light background entertainment (although we certainly do some pretty rocking gigs sometimes!). If you're someone who likes your music and hearing all different aspects of what makes songs great, then our trio can infuse a performance with a different and livelier spirit. You also have to ensure that you have enough space to fit us in too!

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