Top 8 financial tips for married couples

Posted 9th December, 2019

Getting married can be an exciting and rewarding transition, opening up the next chapter in your life and your partner’s. Spending a lifetime with your chosen loved one is a dream come true for many. However, it is also a time to think seriously about an aspect of all our lives which many of us often don’t want to talk about. Being part of a married couple means thinking about your finances and how to manage them together capably. It... read more

Popular Song Choices For Your Wedding Recessional Music

Posted 28th August, 2019

Wedding Recessional Music   The wedding recessional music you choose can be a big decision for some couples. It will be the first song you hear as a married couple so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Usually, as the celebrant has announced you as a newly married couple and your family and friends stand up to cheer you on as you leave the church or ceremony venue, that’s when the music will start. It is typically played all... read more

Flowers for your wedding?

Posted 23rd January, 2019

Sometimes we get to work with and meet other people in the wedding industry. We came across this fantastic independent florist at Her arrangements are beautiful and she is highly creative and talented as you can see from her website. Anna does bespoke packages for all manner of occasions with fresh seasonal flowers. She also holds workshops to show you how to do your own! Head on over to her site and check it out   read more

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