New Singer and Solo guitarist

Posted 10th March, 2020

At Octavas we pride ourselves on providing the very best in acoustic entertainment and acoustic wedding singers. We primarily play at all of our events as an acoustic duo but as we have grown our bank of talent, the possibilities of what we can offer to our clients has expanded and so we are glad to say that not only do we have the incredible Alex joining our roster of amazing acoustic singers, we also are able to offer our... read more

We have an Acoustic Trio!

Posted 3rd February, 2020

We have expanded our set up to include an acoustic trio. Our third musician can accompany our wonderful duo to add some percussion to your favourite songs.     How is it different from the duo? Adding a third musician into the band is a fantastic way to inject some rhythm and energy into the duo. It can allow Octavas to venture into even more upbeat territory allowing the band to become more of a focal point of entertainment for your event. In our... read more

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