Top 10 Classical Guitar Songs

Posted 24th April, 2020

If you are looking to have some classical guitar accompaniment to your wedding, this list may provide you with some inspiration to help you decide on the perfect music to serenade you down the aisle or perhaps as you and your guests settle in for the wedding breakfast. We have included links to a thoughtful performance of each of the pieces as well as the music should anyone be interested in playing it themselves or offering it to someone who... read more

How to choose a wedding photographer

Posted 30th March, 2020

The Wedding Industry is jam-packed full of wonderful, creative wedding photographers and it is becoming very hard to stand out from the crowd. Our good friend and extremely talented photographer Lucie Watson gives a rundown of things you should know. Here's what she has to say. "Before making a decision it is important to consider all of these factors" The Wedding Photographers approach I shoot naturally throughout the day with minimal posing (except group portraits and slight guidance in couple... read more

Song ideas for a scottish wedding

Posted 23rd March, 2020

Music Ideas for a Scottish wedding Scotland has an incredibly rich, proud and interesting history. Sometimes the most beautiful thing we can do to capture these moments is to put them in a song or make a piece of music to commemorate them. If you are getting married or looking for music ideas with all things related to Scotland, whether it be because you or your family hail from Scotland or simply because you are enamoured with the music, please look... read more

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