5 Things to ask yourself before booking a photo booth!

Posted 16th March, 2021

5 Things to ask yourself before booking a photo booth! 1. Are they a well-established company? Do they have good reviews? Always do your homework, check that the company have some events under their belts and that you have read their reviews. You should be able to easily find a company's reviews via a quick search on google. Don’t be afraid to ask your venue for help or advice on companies they have worked with before. As a general rule,... read more

Costs for hiring an acoustic duo

Posted 23rd June, 2020

One of the more difficult things to find out when hiring musicians is how much everything will ultimately cost. Clients can spend hours trawling through websites in search of a basic cost and come up with no firm figures. A lot of websites don’t display a final price for hiring an acoustic duo or band and in truth, there is a valid reason for doing so. We want to break down why that is and give you a run down... read more

Hiring an acoustic duo - what you need to know

Posted 15th June, 2020

Why should you hire an acoustic duo? Well, one of the most obvious reasons that clients tend to think (and rightly so) is that it is cheaper. The logistics of organising just 2 performers is significantly simpler than handling a whole 5 or 6 piece band. A typical duo can be set up and ready to go in as little as 30 minutes not to mention that they take up only a small area so if your options in terms of... read more

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