We have an Acoustic Trio!

Posted 3rd February, 2020

We have expanded our set up to include an acoustic trio. Our third musician can accompany our wonderful duo to add some percussion to your favourite songs.     How is it different from the duo? Adding a third musician into the band is a fantastic way to inject some rhythm and energy into the duo. It can allow Octavas to venture into even more upbeat territory allowing the band to become more of a focal point of entertainment for your event. In our... read more

Birthday song by Crocodile Gena

Posted 30th January, 2020

Back in 2012, I took a trip to Russia. In case you haven't heard, Russian music is fantastic! During my stay and introduction to Russian culture I came across an old Soviet cartoon featuring a crocodile called Gena and another mysterious little creature called Cheburashka. Together they have adventures filled with fun and beautiful songs. One of which is this one called "The Birthday Song" I used to make some acoustic guitar covers of famous songs on YouTube so I decided... read more

Top 8 financial tips for married couples

Posted 9th December, 2019

Getting married can be an exciting and rewarding transition, opening up the next chapter in your life and your partner’s. Spending a lifetime with your chosen loved one is a dream come true for many. However, it is also a time to think seriously about an aspect of all our lives which many of us often don’t want to talk about. Being part of a married couple means thinking about your finances and how to manage them together capably. It... read more

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